Word for the week: Comparison

“Comparison is the thief of Joy”

I have found it to be true that when I compare my life with others – it steals my strength and leaves me feeling empty.

So much of my battles are in my head.  For instance, a thought may pop in like, “Look at the neighbors – all their kids seem so peaceful and the parents look like they have it all together—I wish I had that dynamic.”  Have you been in that place of comparison?  Have you compared your family to another?  I think we all have been there from time to time…we are human.  The point is NOT to camp out — build a tent and dwell in that mindset.  Let that “comparison” thought be a fleeting thought and don’t let it steal the strength you need for the day! 

So what do we do with comparison when it creeps into our thoughts?  We have two choices.  1.  Choose to let the thought be a fleeting thought – it comes in and it goes out—as you are processing perspective.  Perspective would be “I don’t really know the whole life of this family…I’m just picking aspects of their life without keeping in mind that all families have problems they work through.”  2.  The second choice is to camp out and build a tent in that comparison mentality…“I wish this…I wish that.”  The problem is that if we camp out on a comparison thought without perspective…we may get locked into that mindset and feel discontent about our lives.  This mentality can rob us of our creativity in parenting the children we have been called to care for.

When I have chosen to dismiss the thoughts of comparison – I felt the strength I needed for the task at hand and when I have chosen to camp out, I felt weak.  Will you join me as I seek to grab hold of all the strength I can get…I know I need it every day.

Father, you know how easy it is for my thoughts to wander and compare my life to others.  May you give me perspective and the strength I need today for what is in front of me.  May I accept the gifts you have given me with a grateful heart. 





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